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innovative, automated, secure

Secure-X™ is middleware software that is designed to enhance business processes in the financial services sector in an automated and secure way. The product benefits include fraud prevention, customer value enhancement and process efficiency gains.

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connected, convenient, reliable

Mortgages encompasses middleware and client facing software that allows mortgage originators to easily capture and submit home loan applications to all major banks in South Africa. The product benefits include fraud prevention, customer value enhancement and process efficiency gains.

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Products that use our Secure-X™ platform include


Integrated Data Exchange

The IDX platform enables Banks and Registered Credit Providers to request Bank Statements (after obtaining customer consent) from participating Banks and to have these documents subsequently delivered to them in a secure manner in a PDF format. The platform eliminates the need for Financial Institutions to manually obtain these documents from their clients.

The IDX platform was sold by Comcorp to an association of major South African Banks. These Banks own the system through the DEA (Document Exchange Association). The DEA system is still operated by Comcorp.


Income Verification Exchange

The IVX platform enables Registered Credit Providers to make a request (after obtaining customer consent) for a credit applicant's payslip data via a network of participating Payroll Vendors.

The payslip information is supplied as an image along with selected data fields. The payslip information is delivered in real time and in a secure manner that eliminates tampering and fraud, thereby promoting responsible lending practices.


FICA Document Exchange

The FICA X platform enables registered credit providers to request (after obtaining customer consent) a POR (proof of residence) document on behalf of their clients. The latest available FICA documents from a host of document suppliers are listed. Institutions simply choose the most appropriate of the documents made available to them and then FICA X delivers that document image to them in a PDF format.


Account Verification Exchange

The account verification platform enables users to instantly confirm the validity of the supplied banking details of a business or individual, making this system extremely valuable when processing payments and or Debit orders.

Products that are run in the mortgage industry include

Mortgage Switch

Homeloan Transactional Platform

Comcorp’s Mortgage Switch is a middleware software application which is interfaced to all major banks.

The Mortgage Switch exposes a number of web services to software vendors who do not wish to use Comcorp’s BondTrak™ front end, but would prefer to develop their own front end to suit their needs.

The Mortgage Switch has processed over 4.7 million loan applications and related decisions since 2004.


Mortgage Origination Software

BondTrak is a front end software application used by mortgage originators to submit validated loan applications to multiple banks from one front end.

The software also allows users to track the status of loans, receive decisions and view management reports. It also integrates with XDS for credit checks, Lightstone for Property Validations and SmartDoc™ for applicants' supporting documents.

BondTrak has been used since 2001 by over 3,000 users to submit over a million loan applications.


Document Imaging Software

SmartDoc is a document management solution developed by Comcorp in 2006. It can be used in any industry and integrates with most other systems. SmartDoc™ consists of a front end, middleware and storage component.

SmartDoc customers include the 4 major SA banks and major mortgage originators. Businesses who have embraced SmartDoc™ have eliminated their fax costs and have saved hundreds of thousands per month in fax and processing costs.

Bt Mobi

Mortgage Mobile Software

Designed specifically for estate agents and mortgage origination consultants, this app takes the guess work out of property selling. BTMobi puts prequalification tools in your pocket on your smart device or on your desktop.

It features affordability calculators, property reports and various credit checks. You can use the app to send your prequalified leads directly to your mortgage originator, and view progress reports in real time.